Newsletter #13, March 2019


We have new premises for our operations – well, not really, it is the location that has a NEW NAME – Pasadena High School is no more; from the start of the new school year it has been named…………

With a new motto, Igniting Inquisitive Imagination, it is off to a new life!

Books for Lesotho wishes the school community a great future under the new name and operating with renewed vigour. Based on the experience some of us had at annual Presentation Ceremony (see below), the spirit in the school is alive and well, and it deserves to thrive.


Well, at the time, December 2018, it was still so called (see above).

David and Liz Linn and Rob Langley (pictured sporting the trophy with School Principal, Ms Wendy House) attended the ceremony at the inviation of the school, and were amazed when Books for Lesotho Inc. was awarded “Valued Volunteer”. We are pleased to be warmly welcomed users of The Barn, courtesy of The School.


The Barn was closed during January to allow volunteers to have a break. Even so, there was still a lot going on over the period: books were still being delivered by arrangement, and the 2019 shipment for Transformation Resource Centre (7 pallets/116 boxes/16,880 books) left The Barn. The shipment arrived at TRC on 15th March 2019 – another triumph for B4L and our shipping agents; thank you.


I have written previously that B4L receives donations of books from too many sources to be able to list and thank each one here. One of the most prolific donors is the Lions Club of Glenunga Bookmart. During February David and Liz collected a large number of boxes; Lions Club member Yee Cheng Leong helped with the loading.


The source of inspiration for Books for Lesotho Inc. came from ‘Me Mosa Muso who was Librarian atTransformation Resource Centre (TRC) when David and Liz visited Lesotho in 2006. It is Mosa who had the dream to establish a library in every school in the country. Below, Mosa is pictured with her husband in Welcom, South Africa. After reading the December Newsletter, Mosa sent the following message:

Seasons greetings.
I read with great interest the newsletter which I would like to receive as long as you publish it. It’s very informative concerning the events that eventually lead to the arrival of the books at TRC.
I would like to give my thanks to these individuals who sacrifice their time for Lesotho children.
There is something that indeed fascinates me that is your continuous support to collect the books at the same time fundraising. Please let these energy never stop until all schools understand the importance of reading. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2019!


The Lesotho Child Counselling Unit in Mazenod shelters children needing support. LCCU has received books from B4L.’Me Lydia Muso, who is the founder and key worker (the “mother” of the house), sent us these images.


he Lesotho Child Counselling Unit in Mazenod shelters children needing support. LCCU has received books from B4L.’Me Lydia Muso, who is the founder and key worker (the “mother” of the house), sent us these images.


I read an on-line sponsored article in InDaily on 23 Jan 2019. What caught my eye was:

“Here are some things we know:

  • Our attentions function differently in the contemporary era and we need to work both with and against thatfact in order to ensure we can benefit from the cognitive reward of reading long-form text.
  • Reading is a skill that uses the brain as a muscle and this can be exercised and trained. Just because we find itdifficult to read Middlemarch doesn’t mean it always has to be this way. Every difficult activity can benefitfrom building up, training, practicing and not giving up.
  • The benefits of long form, immersive reading on the brain, the imagination, creative capacity, empathy, on the intellect, are significant and should be sought out.
  • As with other exercises, we form habits by making choices and sticking with them. Committing to reading when we are distracted by other claims on our attention is something we can develop.
  • Persevering with reading even when it is challenging has significant cognitive pay-offs. This must be balanced with the idea that finding the right book for the right person is the most important thing.
  • When students start a university degree, they need to be ready for the challenge of reading works that aren’t designed to grab them, to have hooks, to be “relatable”

From: Why students need to be good readers, by Kate Douglas, Professor of English and Dr Tully Barnett, Lecturer in Creative Enterprise both at Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia


At the February meeting of the Board, Deane Kemp tendered his resignation as a Director. Deane joined the Board in June 2016 and has made a significant contribution in that position. Thank you, Deane.Mr Rob Langley (a key volunteer at The Barn) was co-opted to fill the vacancy. Ms Meg Coupland had offered her services to B4L and the Board co-opted her to fill one other vacant position. We welcome each of you to the Board.


Books for Lesotho Inc. welcomes donations of suitable books at any time. There is a pressing need for books (fiction and non-fiction) at Year 7 to Year 10 level (or ages 12 to 14) – they continue to be in short supply.

Monetary donations are used to cover shipping costs from Australia to Lesotho; we do not purchase books.


The budget for 2018/19 is $15,029 (about 60c per book). Between 01 July 2018 and 20 March 2019, donations total $13,811, of which, the Mitcham Exercise Group has collected $773 (to end of February.)

The Board recently approved sending the 4th pallet (now being packed) to the Rotary Club of Maloti (RCoMa) even though it potentially places us in a deficit position this year. However, we are now only $1,200 short of covering the annual budget; can you help us meet the target before 30 June?

Thank you to all who have made a donation this financial year.

In Lesotho, both TRC and RCoMa have requested Lesotho Revenue Authority to allow B4L shipments to enter duty free – so far without success. Meanwhile, both TRC and RCoMa have advised that each will pay Lesotho duty (if applicable) and charges for customs clearance – a wonderful contribution and a sign of commitment to the project .

David Linn
Chairman, Books for Lesotho Inc.

Newsletter #12, December 2018


Please note that while B4L has changed its official address, at the time of writing this is still a construction site!! If you are intending to visit us other than at The Barn, please contact David on 0418 877 112 to make the arrangement. 


Please note that The Barn will not be open to accept deliveries from noon on 19 December until 9.30am on 30 January 2019. We can take a break because of the rate of sorting and packing!! 

Should anyone need to contact B4L over the break, please do so by email or contact David on 0418 877 112 



The budget for 2018/19 is $15,029 (about 60c per book). Since 01 July 2018, donations total $4,928. Of that, the Mitcham Exercise Group has collected $550 since 1 July 2018 compared with $557 last year – a wonderful effort. If you do the sum you will note that we need about $10,000 more before 30 June 2019 to break-even The Board has prudently resolved that the shipment to Transformation Resource Centre (7 pallets, packed and ready) will be shipped during January, but the next 4 pallets being packed now for the Rotary Club of Maloti will only be shipped if funds are available. There is our challenge. 


Books for Lesotho receives books from many sources – Thank you all.
We need supplies of books at Year 7 – Year 10 (or ages 12 to 14) level – they are always in short supply. 


They don’t want to be recognised, so if you think you know one of these great people, you must be wrong! Needless to say, without this dedicated band (plus 2 missing from the images) the donations of books and cash would be futile. Thank you to this great group. 
Thank you Pasadena High School for your on-going support through the use of The Barn 


From Books for Lesotho Inc. to you, wherever you are in the world, have a great Christmas and may 2019 be kind to you and your family. 
David Linn
Chairman, Books for Lesotho Inc.

Newsletter #11, September 2018


In the last Newsletter, Books for Lesotho appealed for help to cover the deficit for the financial year in which we shipped 25,776 books in 2 shipments to Lesotho. The “good” extra costs came because we shipped 12,504 more books than last year, while the “bad” costs were due to higher transport charges. 

Throughout the year, donors gave generously to achieve the final result for 2017/18: Donations $13,957; Expenses $14,632 – a pleasing result after several financial scares during the year. 

The Mitcham Exercise Group collected $1,192.15 over the 2017/18 financial year, mostly in small donations over the period. What a stupendous effort. 

The budget for 2018/19 is $15,029 (about 60c per book). We have already received 3 significant donations, including ongoing support from the Rotary Club of Mitcham. Thank you all for your support. 


Books for Lesotho receives books from many sources; private, charity and commercial second-hand bookshops, council libraries, schools and publishers Wiley Jacaranda and MacMillan. Thank you all – you are “too many” to list. We acknowledge especially the charity book outlets – Rotary Club of Mitcham and Glenside Lions. 



Ryan Casper and Anne Pechanek are on the staff at Ellsworth High School in Wisconsin, USA. They have supported a student undertaking her required school service project after she selected to collect and send books to Lesotho. The books have been shipped directly to Maliba Lodge for schools in their area – schools which are already part of the B4L scheme. Liz and I met Ryan and his wife Melinda when both couples were staying at Maliba Lodge – and here is the result!! 

Congratulations to Maya for a great project and a huge result. 
Below you can see Maya and Ryan with 28 boxes, and left, the loaded pallet.


Cynthia contacted B4L to check out an idea she had; to invite people attending Jasmine’s first birthday party to donate a book rather than give a gift. We encouraged her and have now received the donated books. Cynthia sent images (I could not bring myself to delete any) along with these words: 

I honestly believe that reading is one of the most important ingredients to becoming all that you can be. I volunteered in Ethiopia at a primary school in 2013 and nothing compares to the smiles on a child’s face when they read/are read their favourite book. Reading not only helps you become a better student, but a better person. Doing our bit to help establish a children’s library in Lesotho, just seemed like a wonderful thing to do for my first born’s first birthday. Margaret Fuller once said “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity. 

Thank you, Cynthia and Jasmine and your donors. The children in Lesotho will also say, “Thank you”. 


“Book Week at Elwood College was very successful this year. We had fun dressing up as book characters but we also wanted to use our Book Week to raise awareness about underprivileged young people in Lesotho. We organised and presented posters, placed donation boxes in the library and asked students and staff to bring any unwanted books from their home. Staff and students participated, donated books in excellent condition. It is with pleasure that I can report we collected 6 boxes with around 240 books. 

“We hope we can set a good example and encourage other schools to organise similar events. Hopefully all the books we’ve collected will be useful and relevant. We are looking forward to cooperating again with “Books for Lesotho” in near future. 

“Monia Ibralic (Librarian, Elwood College)” 


“The Transformation Resource Centre (TRC) through its Library in the Information and Communications Department donated books to selected 15 primary schools, 24 high schools and 1 community library found in Maseru, Mafeteng, Leribe, Botha-Bothe and Mokhotlong. This annual occasion was hosted at TRC premises on the 13th September 2018. 

“The project goal is to promote habitual readership culture and literacy amongst students through the establishment of mini libraries. This generous book donation project has been carried out successfully through the Books for Lesotho support. The books will be donated to schools for a five year period with the hope that it is sufficient for the schools to collect an adequate supply of books enabling them to attain the envisioned libraries. This year the TRC distributed 103 cartons of reading books to foster a love for reading. 

“Present at the distribution ceremony: Chairperson of the TRC Board, TRC Director and staff members, Principals from schools in TRC project sites, Teachers who will be in charge of libraries, Student representatives, a representative from African Library Project, and Media representatives. 

“The schools showed an understanding of the project vision; they expressed their views and perceptions and appreciated their roles to make it a success. Students were encouraged to develop a culture of reading and were excited to receive the books. 

“The schools also signed contracts making a commitment to ensure the project becomes a success. It was also agreed that a monitoring template will be developed to guide schools on the operation of a library, the impact and their progress. The schools will also undergo training to enhance their librarianship skills.” 

Contributor: Ms Likopo K. J Mokhele, Information Officer, TRC Information and Resource Centre Department 

Thank you Pasadena High School for your on-going support through the use of The Barn

David Linn
Chairman, Books for Lesotho Inc. 

Newsletter #10, June 2018


Recently, the Board of Books for Lesotho learned that a $3,750 shortfall currently exists between donations to date ($9,650) and expected expenses ($13,400) to June 30th 2018.
The good news is the expenses cover 2 shipments totalling 25,780 books. The deliveries have gone to our traditional partner, Transformation Resource Centre (16,660 books) and to our new partners, the Rotary Club of Maloti (9,120 books). These books will assist in creating or expanding libraries in about 41 schools or institutions, opening the window to the joy of reading for hundreds of students. 

For those interested in comparisons: Donations last financial year totalled $12,800 while expenses were $ 12,900. (Expenses included one shipment of 13,300 books to our founding partner, Transformation Resource Centre.)


The easiest way to donate is to use GiveNow – a secure system with immediate issue of a receipt: 

Or contact David ( or 0418 877 112) to enquire about other methods of making a donation. 

A huge THANK YOU to individuals and organisations who have given generously this financial year. 

We continue to acknowledge the donation of books from many sources and pro-bono support in various ways. We have 9 active volunteers who work well together each Wednesday morning in the confined space of The Barn at Pasadena High School. 

Seen here are volunteers sorting books at The Barn prior to them being packed into boxes ready for shipping. 

Regularly we have up to 9 volunteers at any one time, all busy. Thank you all. 

LATE NEWS: The Mitcham Exercise Group has in the past 11 months donated over $1,010 compared with $990 for whole 2016/17 year – what a great effort. Thank you. 

APRIL 2018 – We despatched, the now customary, 7 pallets of books, being 105 boxes containing 

16,631 books, to our long-term partners, Transformation Resource Centre in Maseru, Lesotho. 

The total number of books shipped over 11 years, inclusive of the first shipment to the Rotary Club of Maloti which was despatched in late 2017 (see report below) = 130,000. 

MAY 2018 – Three of the Directors of Books for Lesotho Inc., David and Liz Linn and Peter Murchland together with Meg Murchland made a privately sponsored visit to Lesotho and South Africa. While they had some holiday-time scheduled (for relaxing and sight-seeing), there were some very busy days in Lesotho dealing with “The Book Business”. 

Establishing connection with the TRC staff recently appointed to drive the distribution and cultural transformation process. Pictured from left: Tsikoane Peshoane (TRC Director), Meg Murchland, Lerato Phaaroe, Peter Murchland, Liz Linn, Likopo Mokhele and David Linn) 

Meeting with key leaders in Rotary Club of Maloti in Maseru to learn about the new library they have built and exploring their approach to building a potential partnership with the Rotary Club of Mitcham. 

Meeting with Monica Letsoha to learn about the African Library Project, and the initiatives being driven by the Lesotho Librarian Association (ALP) and Botho University in supporting library training in ALP recipient schools and communities. 

MAY 2018 – VISITING SCHOOL IN THE MALIBA AREA – in the Far North of Lesotho

St Felix Primary School 

St Dominic Primary School 

A report just to hand from the Rotary Club of Maloti, Lesotho, on the distribution in early 2018 of 4 pallets of books comprising 60 boxes and containing 9.115 books – mainly for schools in remote districts – is reproduced on attached .pdf file. 

David Linn
Chairman, Books for Lesotho Inc. 

Newsletter #9, January 2018


It seems so long ago, but it was a very memorable event that begs to be reported! On Saturday, 27 May 2017, Hon. Hieu Van Le AC, Governor of South Australia, officially opened the new base for Books for 

Lesotho at The Barn, Pasadena High School (Adelaide). He and Mrs Lan Le met David Linn, Chairman of the Board, his wife Liz Linn and Wendy House, Principal of Pasadena High School before addressing the invited guests. He then declared The Barn “open”. Books for Lesotho thanks the Governor and all who helped make this a memorable event.


Books for Lesotho thanks the Rotary Club of Mitcham for the significant financial contribution made towards the setting up of The Barn to create a successful and safe working environment. 

The Club has continued to support us by way of regular donations of books from their bookshop on Good wood Road. The Club also made a large financial contribution to ship 4 pallets of 9.115 books to Lesotho in October 2017 (below, left). These books were received by our additional partners, the Rotary Club of Maloti about 26 January 2018 (club meeting during 2017, below, right) ready for distribution to selected schools. 


This group raises funds mainly by participants dropping loose change (what’s that, you might ask?) in a container at the end of a session – for the last 6 months this has raised $557.35. THANK YOU! 


Do you recall the story of David and Liz meeting Denis, the Captain of a Boeing 747 enroute to Johannesburg? From that meeting, and through Tania Katsanis in Sydney, 2 pallets of books (3,000 books?) arrived: “From your friends at Connells Point Public School. They were all sorted and easily handled our end. The transport was generously donated by FRACHT Australia. You are all “Good Friends” 

We intended to list our book donors, but the list is overwhelming so we will not begin. Donors include: schools (government and private), municipal/council libraries and new and second-hand bookshops. 

Special recognition is given to: Rotary Club of Mitcham Bookshop, Glenside Lions Club Bookmart and Blackwood Books (whose proprietor, David, died last week – we are deeply saddened). 

The book donation rate is such that we have decided that we can no longer support a pickup service of private donations – it is just too much for the team. We will continue to welcome deliveries to The Barn. 


Many people and organisations (including $3,500 grant from Rotary Club of Mitcham towards setup costs) have helped by providing cash donations – they all add up and are essential in making the project viable. 


The Barn is open is open every Wednesday from 9.30 am until noon (or by appointment) … here you can: Donate books – appropriate books are always welcome. (Please only donate books that match the project.) 

Volunteer your time – we have had some wonderful new volunteers … we need one or two more. Who – anyone really!! For sorting the question is: Can you tell a children’s books from an adult one, and fiction from non-fiction. For packing: Volunteer Ray has shown us that packing requires skill at fitting lots into a small space! Interested? Please talk to Liz on 0428 364 365 or use 

Fund Raising for the 2018 Shipments (at least 2 shipments are now planned!!): We need additional funds. Here are some ideas: 

  • ·  Marryatville High School – books and $756.10 casual day 
  • ·  Rod sells donated goods on Ebay 
  • ·  Or, donate NOW 

The Board
Books For Lesotho Inc.

Our “own: Niav – Foundation (now “past”) Board member and huge contributor: 

Official Opening of New Premises

On Saturday, 27 May 2017, Hon Hieu Van Le AC, Governor of South Australia, officially opened the new base for Books for Lesotho at The Barn, Pasadena High School (Adelaide). He and Mrs Lan Le met David Linn (Chairman of the Board), Liz Linn (Member of the Board), and Wendy House (Principal of Pasadena High School) before addressing the invited guests.

In his address Mr Le referred to the 10-year history of the project which has now delivered over 102,000 books to some 60 primary and secondary schools and about 10 organisations working with disadvantaged children in Lesotho. Lesotho is totally surrounded by South Africa, has a population of about 2,000,000 and is smaller than Tasmania.

Me Le pointed out that with 2,500 primary school and 250 secondary schools, many without resources beyond basic government supply, there was a big challenge ahead for Books for Lesotho.

Key people in Lesotho have declared this a “nation building project” whereby children are being given the opportunity to learn to read for pleasure and from that base increase their educational and work opportunities.

Mr and Mrs Le then inspected the facility were books are received from around Australia, sorted and packed for despatch to local partners in Lesotho.

Morning tea was provided by staff and students of the school.

St. Camillus Centre

“I wanted to thank you again for the amazing book donation and taking time out of your trip to Lesotho to stop by St. Camillus! You, you’re wife, and your organization are doing wonderful things and I’m so glad we got to be a part of it.

I have attached some photos of the kids using the books today. I wasn’t with them and our new volunteer let them have the books outside which we usually don’t do but they handled the books well!”

– Katie Walker, Healthy Youth Volunteer, Peace Corps Lesotho

Newsletter #8, April 2017

A lot has happened in the past eight weeks, far more than can be put in a “readable” length newsletter. Here are the highlights.


Founders, David and Liz, were at Transformation Resource Centre in Maseru for the book distribution ceremony, the 10th annual event. For many schools this marked the end of the five-year cycle for receiving books. You can see the long list of recipients here.

We can all be proud of the effort the staff at TRC have put in to distribute 102,189 books and other items over the life of the project.

There was extensive media coverage of the event especially by PublicEye (two long articles) and LesothoTV (a long segment on the event).

For more images click here.


David and Liz had the pleasure of meeting Books for Lesotho’s Lesotho Patron, His Royal Highness, Prince Dr Seeiso Bereng Seeiso. Prince Seeiso is an outgoing person with a high profile in Lesotho. You can be assured that he is a strong supporter of raising standards of literacy in Lesotho and for the Lesotho people to take advantage of the opportunities projects such as Books for Lesotho provides.

meeting patron


David and Liz visited several schools and organisations during their visit. In the north it was two of the schools supported by Maliba Lodge through the Maliba Community Development Trust. Discussions revealed the need for training for teachers on how to establish a school library and how to use the books to complement the official school syllabus, together with the provision of bookshelves to support the libraries. Both topics are the subject of discussions on what is needed and how to raise the necessary funds.

For more images click here.

In Maseru we visited Safate sa Bophelo English Medium School (you will find video images of Principal Manthatiso describing the value of the books to the students and teachers and see the books on shelves in the current library) and St Camillus Centre for orphans and vulnerable children near Mohales Hoek.

There are examples of excellent use of the library books which we hope will encourage other schools to make use of the opportunity the books provide. However, a training course for teachers remains a significant need.


Discussions were held with TRC by way of review of 10 years of operations and “what of the future?” A meeting with the Rotary Club of Maloti explored the possibility of developing another distribution partnership. We will report the outcomes in due course.


We are pleased to announce that we have a new home at The Barn, Pasadena High School. (Pasadena is an inner-southern suburb of Adelaide). Here we receive books, sort and pack them into boxes, and then load them onto pallets ready for the long journey to Lesotho.

The Barn is open to receive books every Wednesday from 9.30 am until noon. Please deliver your books here or visit to learn about the operation and the ways that you can help.

Fund Raising for the 2017 Shipment which might develop into additional “Shipments”!!

Your financial contribution is needed. We invite you to donate now. Donations of $2 or more may be claimed as a tax-deduction.


The Books for Lesotho Board

Captain Dennis Krieg

DennisTwo of our Board members, Liz and David Linn, recently returned from Lesotho, where the 10th annual book distribution was taking place.

When David told one of the flight attendants on the flight to Johannesburg that the main purpose of the trip was to visit Lesotho, he suggested a discussion with the Captain, Dennis Krieg. David met him while both wandered the plane and had a very long talk about their respective humanitarian projects. Dennis was gobsmacked to discover an organisation that sends books to Lesotho, as a kind friend had left him with over 3,000 children’s books for which he had no home. Now he has one, Books for Lesotho Inc.! Dennis was kind enough to invite David and Liz to travel to the poorest parts of Soweto to meet some of the people he is supporting to change their circumstances, and to meet some of the local people who are working for change, together with visiting some of the related projects. Five hours of sharing with people while walking the “streets” and walkways of Kliptown was inspiring and tiring. It was an amazing chance connection resulting in a rewrite of the day’s activities; new friends and more support for Books for Lesotho. Thanks Dennis.

Moving premises!

Today an incredible team of volunteers helped us to move out of our old premises at OK Psychology and into our new space in The Barn at Pasadena High School. Thanks so much to everyone who helped out and allowed the move to happen so quickly!

out of 129into the barn