Our Partners in Lesotho

Transformation Resource Centre (TRC)

entrance to TRCThe entrance to TRC

Liz in TRC foyerLiz in TRC foyer with the 3rd shipment of books

TRC LibrarianTRC Librarian, ‘Me Mosa Muso, originator of the project at her desk in the TRC library

TRC is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO); a Lesotho ecumenical social justice organisation based in Maseru, the capital. One of the many services TRC offers is a library which focuses on social justice issues; it is often packed with university students.

The Librarian at TRC in 2004 was ‘Me Mosa Muso’. Mosa told the Books for Lesotho founders, David and Lizz Linn, that she had a dream to put a library into every school in Lesotho, but the project needed a sponsor. That, in essence, was the motivation that had the first shipment of books on 4 pallets delivered to TRC in 2007.

The 14th shipment to TRC (of 7 pallets – 105 boxes holding a total of 17,4 books) was shipped in December 2019 to 15 primary schools, 39 high schools and a commuunity library.


In 2017, Books for Lesotho added a second partner to the project, the Rotary Cub of Maloti, also based in Maseru.

In early 2018 Books for Lesotho delivered the first load of 4 pallets of books (9,115 books) to the RCoMa. A second load (11,087 books) was despatched mid-2019, with a third in 2020 (9,114 books).


The total number of books shipped between 2007 and June 2020 stands at 183,389 with a total transport cost of AUD$68,426- all paid for by donations.

About 100 schools, institutions and communities have used the books to start their first library or, in a few cases, they have added to their existing library.